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CommChat Messenger

Uniting the World Through Communication

Welcome to CommChat Messenger, where communication meets innovation! Unite with businesses, social groups, clubs, families, and friends through unlimited group chats, private conversations, and our immersive Metaverse. Join the CommChat family today!

Threads for Intuitive Conversations

Stay on top of important updates and discussions with distinct, organized thread lists for each group, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Instant Huddle Calls for Connection

Coordinate events, share news, or simply chat with voice calls within group chats for spontaneous interaction.

Limitless Group Chats & Calls

Plan events, engage in discussions, and catch up with group chats for unlimited participants and group calls for up to 50 members.

Streamlined Group Management

Easily organize and navigate multiple teams, social groups, clubs, families, and friends. Seamlessly switch between groups, add members, and foster effective communication and collaboration.

CommChat Metaverse Integration

Immerse yourself in stunning virtual worlds, socialize with lifelike avatars, and experience spatial voice conversations. Revolutionize collaboration and bonding across businesses, social groups, clubs, families, and friends with seamless integration of CommChat Metaverse.

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CommChat Metaverse    

Barrier-Free Communication

Celebrate diversity and create inclusive experiences with real-time auto-translation for all users.

Inclusive Meeting Invites

Effortlessly include non-CommChat users in your meetings, who can join via a web interface, for smooth and uninterrupted participation.

Uncompromised Privacy & Security

Safeguard your sensitive information with rock-solid end-to-end encryption, powered by the trusted Signal Protocol. Your data's security is our top priority.

Effortless Call Continuity

Transition between desktop and mobile devices without disrupting calls, keeping you connected at all times.

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