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CommChat Metaverse

Step into a world of endless possibilities with CommChat Metaverse. Customize your avatar, attend virtual events, and explore immersive experiences with other users.


CommChat Metaverse

 metaverse is a large part of the CommChat system. It’s a digital environment that allows endless customizations by its inhabitants. It consists of many cities, towns, regions, planets, where the essence of time is detached from the real world. Initially programmed in secret back in 2020, it was later added to CommChat empowering users to be autonomous digital inhabitants.


Avatars are the digital humanoid forms of the users,  navigating and affecting change in the metaverse. They represent the users as the intelligent beings of the metaverse.



Paradis is the digitally created transit hub of the metaverse. Its bustling crowd of digital inhabitants are always going somewhere or programming something. For new users this will be their first experience in the digital world, trying out their abilities. Please watch your step and be respectful as it can get messy.


Instantly teleport between digital worlds of the metaverse. Your digital instance is transformed into an addressable asset, then sent through a socket to the spawn location, where it is reconstructed into it’s original form.

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